Sunday, September 7, 2008

Democrats, Republicans, Republicrats and those sitting on the Road of Indecision

First, I think it's great that as Americans we can agree to disagree. Since we represent all corners of the states, it's not a surprise we have different POVs. I'll be the first to state that politics are not my expertise.

For me, I want the Vice President to be able to step up and fill the president's shoes. Many have seen just how quickly this can happen from Kennedy's death to Nixon's resignation. I take the VP as a VIP position. I vote for a team.

As a former soccer mom, single mom and sister of a *special needs* child, I'm not qualified to represent this country. Hands down. I bake great cookies, weave tremendous tales, manage a family single-handed, run a business, and house a host of pets. Although I refuse to gut a moose, I can support a broken spirit, treat a bruised knee and cheer on a team. I'm a mom and that's what moms do. Rally to the cause. Dads, too.

On a side note, I've met soccer moms and some are down right vicious. Not a platform I'd embrace.

As a child I sat on metal chairs in a tiny room as my parents joined with other *special needs* families and were the grassroots advocates for the Association for Retarded Children - a term honored now with gentler and positive terms as developmentally disabled and celebrated with Special Olympics events. Even so, after speaking openly, achieving milestones and acting on boards, my mom is not my candidate for VP. She's my mom.

I don't vote for the gender. Period. I vote for the best qualified, experienced candidate. Promoting Sarah Palin’s *mom* achievements places the gender card upfront and personal. This isn't a media issue. It started behind the podium. Can't have it both ways and cry wolf when it doesn't play your way.

Nor can the Republicans expect us to ignore teen pregnancy as a family issue yet embrace Palin’s Down Syndrome son as the poster child that she’ll step up for special needs children. The current cover of People magazine draws question. Can a candidate use one child for political gain and put the other off limits? It’s a shameful political agenda to use a child as a pawn. Even Solomon just rolled over in his grave. My brother Jeff, a Down Syndrome, just joined him.

Still, I try to learn the facts and find articles that offer claims with supporting evidence. An environmentalist and supporter of animal rights, I found the article Maybe Your Type of Leader; Definitely Not Mine by Ed Kostro supported by facts and fueled by passion. I take note of my findings, cringe at the photo, and catalogue the image into my data bank, forging forward to discover the experience level and balance for a right-hand to the President.

To entice Hillary supporters to Sarah may be the biggest mistake. With no comparison between the two, I suspect Hillary Clinton may be the deciding factor in this campaign after all. Wonder if she was a soccer mom? She definitely can be a pit bull when necessary. More research for me.

Friday night I was at the SF Giants baseball game. On the message board it asked us to guess the night's attendance. The winning number: 38,904.

My friend, Cy, leaned over and said, "Take a look at the bleacher section. That's about equal to the town Palin served as mayor."

One-quarter of a baseball stadium.

Curious, later I Googled the population for Alaska. 2006 census 670,053. Lower than the 2006 census for San Francisco 764,976.

I respect every ones right to choice and to cast a vote for their candidate and beliefs. For me, I'm researching and studying all the issues more than ever to make an informed decision in November. I watched both conventions to be fair and I read, listen and search between the lines.

An eloquent speaker and charmer at the podium, Sarah, I'm not sold that easily.

Now I think I'll call my mom, place flowers on my dad and brother’s graves, and celebrate my Giants win and together with Democrats, Republicans, Republicrats, Middle of the Fence and those sitting-on-the-crossroads, mourn my 49er Niner loss.

And tomorrow on to the other candidate…Joe Biden.