Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pass the Blessings, Please

Pass the blessings, please

Turkey up, put down the fork and season the day with a compliment

In the Spirit of the Thanksgiving season, offer the gift of self for the season. Join me as I embrace the words of a fellow author, blogger and columnist and wish them a wonderful holiday.

Add spice to the moment and pick up that phone. Let your voice warm the kitchen of a family member, old friend or neighbor like hot apple pie.

In celebration of the meaning of the day, visit postings and wish the friend the gift of giving. Season your words with motivation, energy and mirth.

Make this the gift that keeps giving and when blessed, share the sentiment with a nearby stranger.

Remember to receive give with an open heart and you'll be surprised how one kindness multiplies!

Pass the blessings, please...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Writers the Moment is Now

I attended the SF Writing for Change conference this past weekend.

Under the warmth of a November sun, we gathered at the SF Hilton in the Financial District, just steps from the heart of Chinatown. The Writing for Change conference is one of my favorite events. The core element is non-fiction and the atmosphere is rich with individuals reaching for a better tomorrow by understanding today.

Not only did I re-ignite my creative energy, refocus my goals and connect with positive people, I learned that I can walk into a conference without mascara and eyeliner. What a better place to forget my makeup than a motivational self-esteem building event. Maybe I'll go naked next time.

From Stephanie Chandler to Kevin Smokler to Dan Millman to Rita Rosenkranz - the message was clear: the moment is now. My moment is now.

Yes, Kevin I will strive for balance and at all times be happy. So good to see you again and I'll see you in February. I appreciate the kick.

Thanks Stephanie for the countless tips and book. I listened and will act. Your energy is contagious.

Dan, I bought a huge club to ward off procrastination. Interlopers and time thieves beware.

Excellent conference! Thanks Mike Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada for a wonderful experience. I'm so glad to part of your team.

Gobble-gobble or Not to Gobble

Gobble-gobble or not to gobble.

75% of my invited Thanksgiving Day guests and family all agree - they do not like turkey.
Go figure.
I wonder then just how many people partake of this annual ritual on Thanksgiving to be polite. Are rituals negotiable? Is a turkey dinner the symbol of Thanksgiving or is the symbol the gathering together to share blessings?
I plan to share the blessing and not serve a roasted turkey with all the trimmings.
For me and my family this year it's steak, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.
Yes, rituals are negotiable and compromise comes in many shapes. No turkey on Thanksgiving? No way.
Compromise also comes in many flavors including See's milk chocolate foil-wrapped turkeys.
A Thanksgiving Day I don't spent probing a turkey's cavern is fine with me. For that I give double thanks.
Chocolate anyone?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Naked Men on the Market

Two naked men walked down Market St in San Francisco.
Save for the flip-flops and one birthday hat and a sign that read vote for someone for supervisor, imagination wasn't needed. The dimpled-pock mark on the thinner man's right butt cheek; the only crinkle in his pale skin.
Mothers shrouded children's view with coats. Little boys were whacked in the head for roaming eyes. Teenage girls reeled back and laughed. Old women smiled with gentle memories. Men jeered with "Hey pencil dick" and "At least my tally-whacker is in my pants" and "There's kids out here!"
Cameras snapped, Twitter tweeted and for me, I walked behind the behind with the pock-mark on the right-cheek and noted both men's fine physical shape. Not a wrinkle or sag.
Cloaked in our inhibitions, an exchanged glance of "I wish I could do that" spoke volumes. The social barrier of ties, pants, and summer dresses hiding our desire to prance naked down the streets of San Francisco.
"You know you want to," I whispered to a man and his dog.
Block after block, they sauntered. Me, too. On the same route to different journeys, soon the nakedness became normalcy. The reaction of the people stood out in the crowd and drew the attention.
Side-by-side at the signal light, I confess, I peeked. As the light turned green, I walked ahead and spoke softly, "If that was a pencil I want an entire box."
Ah, the days of summer and a cool bay breeze.
But wait, just who was I to vote for? Guess I'll have to go back...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bloomington Indiana Welcomes America's Columnists

My hair is styled, my airfare booked and I lost a pound or two so I can gain a pound or two at the NSNC conference. But more importantly, I plan to gain knowledge and strength as I celebrate the camaraderie of columnists from across the country.

I'm ready for the National Society of Newspaper Columnists 34th annual conference,
Get Schooled, in Bloomington, Indiana, July 9-11. I even rescheduled my flight so I can accept the hospitality of West Baden Springs and the French Lick Hotel to enjoy a massage or round of golf with my *free* night lodging after the conference. Since I'm a duffer with a duck hook, I think I'll take the massage.

I'm looking forward to renewing old friendships and discovering new ones. Hope you'll join me in a toast in the hospitality suite.

What you're not registered yet? I'm sure that's just an oversight. Columnists are known to procrastinate. That's okay. It's what makes us special. So let's call it a deadline. July comes right after June...the time to act is now.

For complete conference information and registration, visit the
National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Now I better start packing. You know how it is for women. We pack and repack at least five times. With the conference five weeks away that's just about once a week until we share that drink...see you soon!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 National Society Newspaper Columnists Contest

A deadline is a writer’s best friend. It makes us excel and rise to the challenge of the midnight hour. Good news, it’s your moment to shine. The hour of decision is near.

March 15, 2010 is the deadline to enter the National Society of Newspaper Columnists 2010 contest. With seven categories including online and blog columns, there’s an opportunity for you to enter the best of your best 2009 columns.

Visit the National Society Newspaper Columnists for your entry form and contest guidelines. While you’re there enjoy the outstanding March newsletter and celebrate the accomplishments of fellow columnists.

Along with your contest entry, we invite you to join the NSNC and embrace new friendships at our annual conference, Get Schooled, in Bloomington, Indiana, July 9-11, 2010. You’ll be glad you did.

Now back to the NSNC 2010 contest…

You may have the winning entry in your hand but we’ll never know unless you get it into our hands. A deadline is a deadline. Package that entry, walk to the nearest mailbox and conquer that March 15, 2010 cutoff.

It's that simple.

Good luck and remember procrastination only puts off what you can do today until tomorrow...