Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pay It Forward AIG

Although the lawyers claim it’s a breech of contract to not pay the AIG executive bonus, I wonder if it’s a breech of conscious to keep the bonus. The law may state the bonus must be paid. But it doesn’t say the AIG executives must keep the funds.

It takes but one voice to start a chorus. I say pay it forward.

Each AIG executive has the rare opportunity to rally the American spirit and trust. Should they choose, they can draw this frown into a radiant smile with one simple act: donate the entire bonus to charity and non-profits. Reach out and shake the hand that helped you.

Make the right choice and embrace the good karma.

It takes but one voice to start a chorus. My song is clear. Pay it forward.


Bookfool said...

That's a nice thought. My skeptical side says, "Never in a million years. They'll take the money and run." But, you never know. I love your malted milk ball post, btw.

TOMKAT said...

Dear BOB-less:

Hi! Good summation of circumstances! Now, months later, where - oh where - are all the news reports? What did they DO?

Amazingly, after being screwed by Liberty Mutual for almost 20 years, I switched by auot insurance and saved almost $800 per year - 1/2 ! The new co. which, oddly enough, I never heard of before? turned out to be the Largest - AIG !

When the news hit the FAN - I was over-wrought with anguish - OH, NO! They can't go belly-up!
Why me, Lrd - why me? But, so far, so good - still insured.

Peace, Dear Lady - Peace! Tom.