Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Thanks!

Season ten is now over. Congratulations Scotty and yes, Lauren, too.
Many thanks to everyone who joined in the weekly observations on the shrills, squeals and high notes. I appreciate all your wonderful comments and interaction.
Dial Idol is quiet. And of course, right on with the prediction. My own method of checking the most comments on iTunes, a pale comparison, but it marked the Scotty power trend. Surprisingly, Haley was a strong iTune contender. never faltered. Your charisma captured everyone's heart and your duet with Carrie, a pure gem.
Ah Casey. You were made for Jack Black. Oh so right. James, Jacob, Paul...thanks for all the moments.
Without my friends, I'd be watching alone and wondering if I think I heard what I did or not. East Coast, Midwest and the South, I enjoyed sharing our gentle banter and thoughts. You made each week special and fun.
Here's to a wonderful tenth season, celebrate the summer and let's do it all again for Season 11.

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