Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Writers the Moment is Now

I attended the SF Writing for Change conference this past weekend.

Under the warmth of a November sun, we gathered at the SF Hilton in the Financial District, just steps from the heart of Chinatown. The Writing for Change conference is one of my favorite events. The core element is non-fiction and the atmosphere is rich with individuals reaching for a better tomorrow by understanding today.

Not only did I re-ignite my creative energy, refocus my goals and connect with positive people, I learned that I can walk into a conference without mascara and eyeliner. What a better place to forget my makeup than a motivational self-esteem building event. Maybe I'll go naked next time.

From Stephanie Chandler to Kevin Smokler to Dan Millman to Rita Rosenkranz - the message was clear: the moment is now. My moment is now.

Yes, Kevin I will strive for balance and at all times be happy. So good to see you again and I'll see you in February. I appreciate the kick.

Thanks Stephanie for the countless tips and book. I listened and will act. Your energy is contagious.

Dan, I bought a huge club to ward off procrastination. Interlopers and time thieves beware.

Excellent conference! Thanks Mike Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada for a wonderful experience. I'm so glad to part of your team.

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