Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pass the Blessings, Please

Pass the blessings, please

Turkey up, put down the fork and season the day with a compliment

In the Spirit of the Thanksgiving season, offer the gift of self for the season. Join me as I embrace the words of a fellow author, blogger and columnist and wish them a wonderful holiday.

Add spice to the moment and pick up that phone. Let your voice warm the kitchen of a family member, old friend or neighbor like hot apple pie.

In celebration of the meaning of the day, visit postings and wish the friend the gift of giving. Season your words with motivation, energy and mirth.

Make this the gift that keeps giving and when blessed, share the sentiment with a nearby stranger.

Remember to receive give with an open heart and you'll be surprised how one kindness multiplies!

Pass the blessings, please...


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