Thursday, March 22, 2012

American IdoI Top Ten - Billy Joel

8:00pm across American and it's American Idol and away we go. 
Billy Joel and TommyHilfiger. What a duo. 
Tonight’s theme is Billy Joel. I love Joel’s music. It taps into the story telling of every day life: the heartache, the mundane, and the Uptown girl. Can they step up and do justice to the Piano Man? 
Tommy Hilfiger dons the stage to pull the contestants to star appeal. Hopefully he didn’t watch “The Voice” and all we see are females in scantily-clad outfits with Blake drooling on the sideline. 
Stephen Tyler – Tommy Hilfiger’s worse nightmare. Flowers on the mike were a curious addition. With the black stripes on varying black stripes accented with bulbous silver beads for a moment I thought Jack Skeleton was a guest judge. Tommy probably popped an antacid or two. 
Now on to the show. Randy deferred to Jennifer several times. Man up Randy and speak your mind without backup. 
01 – DeAndre – The good may die young. An omen? Beware, you may be on *death* row in the American Idol contest. Sunglasses tucked into the neckline of his undershirt. Cool for the beach. Not sure on stage. 
02 -  Erika – Love the hair! Gutsy girl ready to take a chance and it paid off. I almost feel like I’m in a New York state of mind. Believable. Excellent tonight. 
03 – Joshua - I disagree Jennifer. I connected although not his type of song. Danger zone for Joshua is too much of the same vocals. Tame it down and turn it around. Still a top five contender. 
04 – Skylar – Shameless it wasn’t Garth. 
05 – Elise – Powerful! Owned herself tonight. There’s something in her persona that reminds me of Mariah Carey. A look and yes, the feathering of the fingers with the run and perhaps the framing of the hair. Wasn’t thrilled with the flowing dress but the vocals were her best. Great job! 
Okay, so far Tommy is battling resistance on styling up the contestant. Bell bottoms or over powering dress. Neither one works. 
06 -  Phil – If that’s what it’s all about, then I’m moving out. You sold me. 99% of Americans should embrace the words of that Billy Joel song and make it their motto. Phil knows Phil. Wouldn’t change a thing. One of the top five contestants. 
07 - Jessica – Raw talent with vulnerable flaws. Tame the horse but don’t break the spirit. 
08 – Hollie – She’s so cute and definitely dressed better tonight. Score one for Tommy. Honesty is one of my favorite songs but honestly, she didn’t quite grasp it to her ability. Not bad just not great. Frankly, I was distracted by the dandelion blowing in the background. Back to weeding tomorrow. 
09 – Heejun – Entertaining, pitchy, draining my patience. Perfect exit song. You’ll go out in style. Your style. 
10 – Colton – Master musician, artist and entertainer. Knows how to pick the perfect song to please the audience and pull them in and after all isn’t that the mark of a great performer? He’s here for the long run and glad for it. 
My exit vote for tonight is: Heejun 
What’s your take?
Billy, did they do you proud? A Downtown girl who grew up on Uptown music, I say yes.

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