Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol Top 13 - Let The Battle Begin

American Idol Season 11
Notepad in hand, volume churned up a notch, and a chilled glass of Frei Brothers Chardonnay in hand, I’m ready for the top 13 contestants of season eleven. With the buttery warmth of a California Russian River Valley wine, I curl on the couch and sip in anticipation. What’s this? Ryan grew an inch. Love the extra length of his stacked hair. It adds dimension and sex appeal. Nice touch. 
Let the battle begin: 
01 – Joshua.  Energized, believable, depth-of-soul performance. No doubt, easy front runner. Left-hand plays like a penguin in dance. 
02 – Elise. “Not My Baby Tonight”.  Struggles with feedback. Hmm….oh no, Randy deferred feedback to Jennifer. Not a good sign. 
03 – Jermaine. Love, love, love his voice. Stay… 
04 – Erika. Deep, rich vocals. Didn’t quite work for me. Perhaps not capable Whitney’s range. 
For a decade selecting a Whitney Houston song was the dreaded exit-curse. In respect, I understand, but still difficult songs to deliver. 
05 – Colton. Hit a homerun with team Daughtrey and Cook. Way to go! I'm going to love this season. 
06 – Shannon. No, no , the Randy defer to Jennifer again. Like Dawg, quit passing the bad news to Jennifer to deliver. Man-up. Fair is fair. Rough night, overwhelmed by the song. Too big a song for a young soul. Next time. 
07 – Deander. Local boy. Not bad but stay focused. Tends to lose stage presence. 
08 – Skylar. Top contender. Now I know just where my broken heart went. It went South.  Country girl rocks. Excellent! 
09 – Heejan. Randy to Jennifer for the third time. Randy, please watch the play backs and step up to the plate and deliver your own uncensored comments. Smooth notes but pouts on stage. Not a front runner. 
10 – Holly. Proof. Great gifts come in small packages. Goosies. 
11 -  Jeremy. Lovable. Beautiful smooth voice. Complete package? Not sure. Yet. 
12 – Jessica. Untouchable. Sign her yesterday. Incredible tribute to Whitney. Embraced in Whitney’s presence in the last three notes. Haunting. 
13 – Phillip. Quirky, unique, energized. My type of performer. 
In the danger zone:  Shannon, Deander and Elise. 
Safe on home plate:  Jessica, Holly, Skylar, Phillip and Colton. 
Now to pick up the phone and cast my equal opportunity votes for: Joshua, Colton,  Jermaine, Skylar, Jeremy, Holly, Jessica and Phillip.  A job well-done deserves a vote. A job superbly-done, deserves redial. 
The Round Up is on the vine, let the weeding begin…and how does your finger dial? 

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