Thursday, March 29, 2012

American Idol Top Nine Honor Your Idol

With Dianne Warwick in the audience, the flag of redemption raised for Heejun and nine fantastic performances, what can I say? The night was the best in American Idol history. No a shrill, squeak or not-my-fault-frown from any contestant.  Come to think of it, this year the attitude on stage is high octane par one.

Each contestant shined as they honored their idol in music. The idol's song. Elise surprised the pants off Stephen Tyler with her rock-n-rock.

Jessica commanded the stage and let her voice take you on a journey. Humble with much potential.

Phillip, always a favorite, poured his life into each and every note. Love his low-drop to a growl and pull me back up. A top three contender. One of my favorites, if pushed to admit.

Colton demonstrated a softer-side and left us with our emotions embraced in the "One". Showed a vulnerable side and I loved it.

Ah Joshua, you get under our skin. On a side note, the jacket didn't do it.

Everyone stepped up a player last night. The applause is probably still echoing in the hall so I'll take a stab and pick my exit vote based on the entire package.

My exit vote is: Heejun

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