Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol 11

After a long day, I settled in for an energized night of Motown tunes. With my note pad ready, I jotted down eleven numbers and waited for the hour to unfold. Like any good scorekeeper, I have a rhythm to my markings.

Number followed by name:

  • Check mark for a vote.
  • Line through name means contestant is scratched for the night. No vote.
  • Circled name is high on the list and gets multiple votes.

At the end of the show last night, I studied my chart. Little to no markings. Not a single scratch. That’s good. Or not. Six checks and one circle. Not a single wow moment.

Maybe it was me. Maybe it was the singers. Maybe it just wasn’t a stellar night. I didn’t get in the groove, mood or anywhere in between.

I chalked this theme week to ho-hum and based my decision on which singer would I pay to see. Who captured my visual senses and moved me along the stage and beyond?

My take on an evening that didn’t make the cut:

Casey – again you delivered the goods. Soulful vibes ignite from the tips of your toes to the untamed curl in your beard. Excellent.

Thia – Heat Wave. Perhaps in a few years when you know the heat, but this wasn’t the right choice. A young soul with an old song. Too theatrical.

Lauren - a fresh air of youth

Jacob – my one circle and side note: All The Way! Each word was caressed, massaged and in control. Can I package this man and take him home?

Stefano – You selected one of my favorite songs. Can’t believe you’ve never heard it before? Hello is rich with emotion. Slow it down on the retake and send Lionel Richie a bottle of Scotch. Or better yet your Mama with dinner. Study your tape, slow-mo, rewind and get out of your box.

Haley – You go girl! Redemption. A song performed with complete abandonment and hunger.

Scotty – Not sure of your comfort level beyond the basement note. The South will rise and vote but not the West Coast. Take it up and work it.

Pia – Humility will enhance your performance.

Paul – Still pitchy but who cares. The voice of Rod Stewart with the charisma of Kenny Loggins. The guitar is a great partner. Now swivel like Rod and bring it deeper.

Naima – Spirited, entertaining, joyful but ditch the dance.

James – What can I say to my Santa Cruz guy? You capture the audience and every week step up the delivery. It’s going to be awesome to watch you, Jacob and Casey spar towards the finale.

Based on the singer I’d pay to see or not, my exit vote for tonight is:


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