Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol 13

Okay, I admit. I'm an Idoler. A seasoned American Idoler.
I reeled over the Chris Daughtry elimination. Gasped with the Taylor Hicks win. Celebrated the David Cook moment.
With the outstanding talent this year, I'm up for the challenge to pick the best.
Randy, Jennifer and Steven did a great job weeding through shrill notes, sour faces, off-key auditions, and foul gestures to present the public with 13 viable contestants.
For me, it's easier to say today who I feel is going home, than project a season winner.
After the March 9 show, I believe Thia may go home. This is a difficult as she's a local Bay Area girl with a tremendous voice and I like supporting a hometown contestant. While her youth should be her biggest advantage - sparkle, energy and vibrancy - it's her biggest disadvantage.
The kid in Thia appears lost. Go play, have fun and be a teenager. Come back a young spirit and cast the old soul. Hum the words to your song and you'll get by. Smile.
Although a favorite, Paul's cut-string marionette moves distract from the experience. Remember AI, it's all in the package. Perhaps, tie a bow or ribbon on Paul to keep him in one place. As I try to recover from vertigo, Paul drops to sixth place on my list.
Haley? Not sure I like yodel but it was done well.
My top five choices are Casey, James, Stefano, Jacob and Scotty. For today....and yours?

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