Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol 12

And then there were twelve…

All you have to do is watch the body language of the judges. Heads bobbling, bodies swaying, rhythm igniting from a deep place, lips singing in unison and you know the contestant is in the moment.

With the judges stoic, backs erect and smiles fixed that contestant might as well pack up on stage and move on. Psychology 101.

So after studying the facial expressions and rock in the seat judge’s movements, I add my own take to the Top 12 and sing adios…

James has winner marked all over my paper.

Naima was way off but I think she'll make it through. Quirky.

Thia, Thia, Thia...great voice. Wrong competition. No apologies after the fact. You know we don’t want ballads. Perhaps Disney?

Paul tamed the marionette movements. Woody gained a string! Gorgeous smile but hasn’t tapped into my soul with staying power.

Haley – a free-spirit not willing to commit.

Stefano – Wow-factor. Traces of Michael Buble. Loves his Mama. Tony Danza energy. Charisma.

Pia soars to the high note but still I’m not a buyer.

Scotty – out of the lower range not as strong.

Karen – out of her league.

Casey – unstoppable, crazy-dude. Let’s hear it for the redhead.

Lauren – a caterpillar ready to emerge from the cocoon.

Jacob - Croon me a Peabo Bryson song. “If Ever You’re in my Arms again…” and I’m sold.

My exit for tonight is a female. It’s a simple elimination. If you’re female, you’re in danger and the process will take place over the next several weeks. The men outshine and out maneuver every note.

Tonight I’ll toss the weakest links: Haley, Karen and Thia and my exit for tonight is Haley.

Subject to change my current top five: Casey, Jacob, James, Stefano and Lauren.

And you....?

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