Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol Top 11 Again

Well according to the judges, it was an amazing evening. Not sure I agree with the verbiage but there were outstanding notes and praise to mask the shrill ones.

My take for the night:

Scotty – Down in the basement notes excel. Attic has leaks in the roof. Needs work.

Naima – An original and quirky. Same thing, new tune old sound.

Paul – Love the softer side and control. Enhances and rocketed you to a new level.

Pia – Perhaps a dose of Casey humility is in order. Still not a buyer. Something’s missing. Not inching up the staircase.

Stefano – So glad to see you step away from the Broadway theatrics and move out of your element. Great job!

Lauren – Are you Carrie Underwood’s little sister? Grammy sound good? Like Hockey?

James – Still chartered for the winner. Confident, steps it up, humor. Commands the stage. You got it all.

Jacob – Redefines soulful. He’s so full of soul and emotion; he’s spent at the end of a performance. You reeled it in and tamed the drama.

Casey – Redheads rock! Redemption equals humility. You wear it perfectly and wrapped it around our heart. Good call on the haircut and a shave. Framed your face, added maturity to accent the humility. You’ll be back just not the unruly curls.

Thia – Daniel’s traveling tonight on a plane but he’s not alone. Thia’s at his side waving goodbye.

Haley – Lost in the moment. Can’t ask for more.

My exit votes go to:

Thia and Namia. And yours…

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