Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Top Eight

First, the Pia drama and the judges tears. At this point a great voice isn’t the key. It’s the yes-factor. Jennifer and Steven are rookie judges. Bring your hankies. It’s a tough job. Lesson learned; don’t crown a winner before the contest ends.

America got it right. Good voice, over-rated and over-praised by the judges, the connection was not there. To elevate Pia to the ranks of the best in the business diminished Pia as Pia. She is not Celine. She’s also a rookie. Call it as it is. She’s Pia with a road to pave.

Now to this week’s Movie Night.

Paul – I enjoy your voice when my eyes are closed. Probably good for the radio but the Woody moves distract. Get your marionette strings in order and use them to showcase. Go see Toy Story.

Lauren – You’re already on the other side. Climb higher, climb on.

Stefano – Yes, yes and yes! You have magnetism, charisma and animation. Finally, out of the shadow of the crowned Pia, you shine. Go for it!

Scotty – I disagree with Steven. Note, he never says a negative word. The vocals were off and I’m sorry, you can’t take on George Strait. Only accentuated your immaturity and weaknesses. Go sip a taste of humility.

Casey – Jazz-King. I’m so glad to witness your birth and know you’ll be around for a long time. Can’t wait to hear you ripen into your fullness. Awesome.

Haley – Shake it up. Too much like prior performances. Didn’t like much.

Jacob – Lay me down, brother, lay me down. I’ll be there for you.

James – Heavy man, heavy. Not my thing but you did your thing well.

My top five for this week: Casey, James, Jacob, Lauren and Stefano

My exit vote goes to Paul. And yours…

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