Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Idol Top Nine

Let me quit rocking and start the talking…I think I lost a pound dancing on the ceiling. Oh wait; it’s not Lionel Richie night. My brain is pooped trying to figure out if I’ve ever seen the rain on a sunny day?

Ten years and it just gets better. By far, this is the best season. How does one choose? At this point, it becomes more than voice. Attitude, body movements, stage presence, and most importantly, would I attend a concert? When I close my eyes can I feel the music?

Tonight’s take -

Jacob – Terrific vocals and tamed a bit. Not sure the * doing the nasty* comment was a good choice. I rather like the *nasty*.

Haley – Moving in the right direction. You are in your element with your raspy growl.

Casey – Love the attitude adjustment and the willingness to learn, listen and deliver. Still a big contender.

Lauren – Oh girl, you are a woman and in my circle of top five.

James – Pure honest emotion. Always look forward to your moment. Looking forward to the Steven Tyler and James Durbin performance at the finale.

Scotty – Wow the girls, win the boys. Maturity beyond seventeen. You have it all for tonight. Another circle goes to the Southern flavor.

Pia – Grates. No, no, not great. Grate.

Stefano – Somehow the Broadway persona is back. Not a bad thing but maybe not an American Idol winner. I’ll miss you.

Paul – Oh man, can we wind you up and watch you go again? Consider your name circled.

For tonight my top five: Casey, James, Scotty, Lauren and Paul

My exit vote: Stefano or Pia

And yours….

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