Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol Top Seven

Seven is a lucky number but one is the luckiest of all.

Duct tape, a stolen kiss and more bleeps than from fans at a Raider Game. The family hour is tainted. And the tongue. Steven, Steven, Steven. Good thing my Dad is already in heaven or you'd be the death of him. Potty-mouth.

Disenchanted with the news that fallen contestant Pia will showcase Dancing With the Stars, I wonder why I vote. It appears a winner is already crowned. I don’t like the new rules and guidelines of Season Ten. And I sure don’t want a cross-over of the two shows – yet.

Let’s cross the finish line, folks.

What a week. Paul’s love life. Pia’s love life. Dudes, this is a singing competition. Right Randy?

Now to our Wednesday night special: Paul and the Fallen Beauties. Off-key, out-of-sync, out-of-place. No Steven. We remember quite well why we voted them adios.

Now to cast my vote to the 50+ million across the nation:

Scotty – Over-confident. Maybe there is room next to Paul. You’re swingin’ on a short rope. There’s more to life than a low note.

James – Solid five-star. New dimension to your voice, control and maturity. You’re a complete artist with more to come.

Haley – Mumbled words. Great for Adele not for Haley and the impossible high note. Love your raspy jazz.

Jacob – I disagree with judges. Imagine that. You touched my heart and really made me feel my mother’s pain after his death. Sing me Peabo Bryson. Just once…

Casey – Major contender, sly and versatile. Redheads rock!

Stefano – Yes, I saw it. I felt it. You looked into that camera, eyes wide open and ended on a high note. Very nice change to massage the lines and orchestrate the storyline. Good job.

Lauren – Good news. Rain in the forecast. Dance in the puddles, sing in the rain with complete abandonment and then bring it on home to the finish line. Only can do it.

My top three: Casey, James and Jacob.

My bottom three: Scotty, Haley and Stefano

My exit vote: Haley – for no particular reason except it’s time.

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