Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol Top Six

Fired-up, focused and fixated on a win.
Wow! What an evening. American Idol Top Six.
At this point, I measure more than the measure. I look for the song that burns within and percolates under the skin and erupts with complete abandonment and like a wildfire spreads into soul.
Yet..unlike the wildfire where wind and dry twigs play the flame on stage the performer controls the fuel. Stoked, smoked and simmered. Each note sparked and tight within the fire line; an escapee crosses over and for a moment the artist lets in linger and then reels it back.
James Taylor? Where was my Fire and Rain and Sweet Baby James? Oh yeah, not your night.
Cooling the heat, here is my take for tonight:
Jacob - Started shrill but then that fire erupted and your entire body felt the heat. Fantastic. Loved your duet with James. Natural, playful, carefree with nothing to lose but yourself in the moment. That may have saved you tonight.
Scotty - "You've Got a Friend" was the perfect choice. Love, love, love the song and for me, I think you pulled it up a notch and delivered a different aspect to your voice. I'm not sure you have the friends to keep you out of the bottom two. There's still a feeling of disconnect. Take a taste of James' humility. It goes down quite well after the first swallow.
Lauren - Pure southern joy. Start clearing the mantel for your future Grammy. On second thought, buy a showcase.
James - Awesome! Not only do you know how to sing you reach the audience and connect. There's a depth to your personality perhaps marred with scars, a knowing smile, a spirit rich in integrity that commands the stage. You are cloaked in humility and have a genuine caring for your fellow contestants. That is the mark of a man. You're still my number one for all the right reasons.
Casey - Completely different than James in style, voice and venue. In my top three, James has you beat on the human connection.
Haley - Who would have thought you'd still be here and in the top six. You've found your voice. Work it. Not sure I liked the song selection. With so many top Carole King songs why pick an obscure song?
My top three: Lauren, Casey and James
My exit vote: I'm so sorry but I'm afraid it is Jacob. And yours...

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